Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spring Shadow Box Panel Insert or "Inchie"

I have been making a series of Shadow Box Frame inserts or "inchies" for almost a year. Whenever I have this class it is very popular.  Each special holiday or season I make a new paneled frame insert using an 8 inch by 8 inch shadow box frame.  Each season or holiday, the insert can be removed so insert the next one in the series so you only have to purchase the frame once.

Here is the insert for "Spring" 2016 that we will be making in my classes in about one month.  Currently I have the 'winter sampler' out until i am ready to display the spring one here:

This one is a nine panel sampler, each of the large squares measuring 2 inches square. The liner is 1/8 inch smaller to form a border for whatever the image I am making. Each panel or "inchie" depicts something associated with the Spring season or the Easter Holiday.  Most of the panels are made with paper punches, essentially punch art.  This is a wonderful project to do and everyone is generally pleased at the result.  Would love to know your opinions on this project.

Thanks for taking a little peek!


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