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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Oh So Succulent Slider Card

Hello Everyone,

Thought I'd post a picture of my latest class slides up when you pull on the ribbon to reveal a place for a greeting yet it does not disturb the flowers and it all fits into a regular size envelope.  The card is regular size and the inside is as usual.  But the exterior uses the Succulent paper that Stampin' Up has available right now.  There is a rectangular area that is cut with a framelit only on three sides to allow the paper to move up and down.  The paper that is connected to the ribbon is attached to the printed floral paper so that when you pull up on the ribbon the floral paper the sliding paper under the floral paper creates some interest to the front of the card and opens enough to give any stamper a place to add a greeting or a salutation.  

  • So take a piece of printed paper cut to 4 x 5 1/4.  On that printed paper take a rectangular framelit that is approximately 2 x 3 1/2.  If you don't have a framelit available,  you can cut the print paper with an X-acto knife to the same dimensions BUT ONLY ON THREE SIDES!!(bottom and both sides) The top of this cut should be left intact..
  • Cut a piece of matching card stock to serve as your slider piece measured 3 1/2 x 5.  Decorate the edge of the short side if desired and punch a hole or staple a piece of ribbon for the pull.
  • Attach the printed paper to your card face but only on three sides.  Leave the top of the printed paper unglued as your slider piece will go here.  
  • Add your slider piece paying attention to its position under the cut piece of the printed paper.  
  • Attach the printed paper edge to the slider paper with your choice of adhesive.
  • Pull on the ribbon and you will see the print paper slide up with the pulled card stock.  The space on the card face after pulling can now be stamped with a greeting.
That's are done.  Just add flowers and anything else that you would like to decorate the front of your card and you are done.  Hope you can follow these directions and I hope you give it a try.  

Thanks for taking a peek and hope you'll come and visit me again...